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Our History

Our Design Concept

Our Quality Standard

We care about our product. This is why glass workers worldwide agree our moulds are simply the best.

Yes, we make great moulds but we also have a 30 + years background in kilnforming glass. This knowledge helps us to understand what kind of mould is required to make a well crafted, well designed piece of kilnworked glass.

Our main focus is to supply the market with mould concepts which enable the user to achieve a clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing result.

When looking at our moulds you will quickly see, that they look different from the product some of our competitors propose – namely bisque (unglazed ceramic objects). What makes our moulds better is that they are specifically made as slumping moulds – nothing else. Our plus is understanding what the glass needs and how the mould has to respond to that. When selecting one of our moulds you are sure you have made a decision for success with your glass working.

Durability is guaranteed by a carefully formulated mix of raw materials, enabling the moulds to withstand many thousands of firings. Excellent heat transmission is guaranteed, due to consistent wall thickness in the mould, resulting in even heating and cooling of the glass as well as excellent thermal shock resistance.

Every new mould design is evaluated for its concept, tested for its functionality and released only when found satisfactory. For a hand-made product, subject to varying shrinkage rates during the drying process, consistency is of major importance and our quality control tests at regular intervals ensure that size and shape remain consistent with the original design.

Our Sales Policy

Our moulds are sold through a network of dealers and outlets in many countries. You can find the list of our partners in the distributors section of this website by clicking here. Having a supply source close to the end-user has proved to be the most environmentally friendly and least expensive way to make the product readily available.

We are pleased that all of our partners are also carriers of glass and supplies for the kilnworker. Their knowledge and experience will provide a reliable support for you.

As kiln working develops in countries not covered we will make efforts to expand our distribution network. You can apply by contacting us here.